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Solution for diabetic foot wounds.

Dr. Yusuf Maraşlı

New hope in wound treatment.

"People should not have to lose their feet, legs and fingers"

Don't Be Late for Treatment

In all our R&D work, we have determined that all we have to do is to make the cell do its normal job. With the understanding of "If you eliminate the problem, the solution is easy", we have achieved remarkable successes in wound treatments that seem impossible on our patients, and we have managed to save some limbs such as feet, legs and fingers that were decided to be cut off by the doctors' committee or the doctors' committee. We hope that from now on, more than 40 million feet, legs and fingers waiting to be cut off in the world will not be cut.

  • As soon as we provide the necessary support to the cell, which is the most advanced factory in the world, we can help as doctors in the treatment of almost all diseases.
  • We get a remarkable result in wounds caused by diabetic foot, gangrene, etc.
  • In chronic wound treatment (wounds that don't heal), all we have to do is not go further than to support the normal flow of our body.
Dr. Yusuf Maraşlı

Wound Treatment Specialist
Remedy for Diabetic Foot Wounds.


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Dr. Yusuf MARAŞLI and his team are getting successful results with their own treatment methods applied topically together with medical treatment and interventional treatment. Dr. Yusuf MARAŞLI and his team are able to offer ambitious solutions.

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Heavily Wound Treatments

In every hospital and university of the world, Dr. Yusuf MARAŞLI and his team have treatment methods that prevent the amputation of the foot, leg or fingers in severe wounds that will lead to amputation. Work on this issue continues.

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10 Years of Experience

About Dr. Yusuf Maraşlı

He was born in 1983 in Oğlakkaya village of Kayseri. After completing his primary and secondary education in Kayseri, he successfully completed his medical faculty education at Samsun Ondokuzmayıs University. He opened a Clinic close to the university where he graduated and started to work in public hospitals.

  • Solution to Diabetic Foot Wounds

  • Hope in Severe Wound Treatment


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For about 10 years, due to the common chronic diseases in the elderly, amputation rates in the world have attracted attention and have conducted R & D studies in human drug laboratories on this subject. With the content and treatment methods it has developed, it has been able to produce solutions to a large extent for the patients who will be amputated with a multidisciplinary approach. In this regard, it works as a team with its physicians consisting of related branches. In the studies carried out by YUSUF MARAŞLI, it can produce solutions in severe infections caused by diabetes or other reasons.

  • 100% Patient Satisfaction
  • 80% success rate in Severe Wounds
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